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The Horticulture Journal (Hort. J.) is an international journal published quarterly by the Japanese Society for Horticultural Science. Its aim is to deliver new scientific and technological information to horticultural scientists worldwide. Hort. J. publishes articles based on original research, as well as reviews by society members.

Hort. J. covers research on fruits, vegetables, and ornamental plants grown in temperate and subtropical/tropical regions. Manuscripts on both basic and applied research in a wide range of horticulture-related fields, such as crop production, physiology, propagation, genetics, breeding, phytopathology, postharvest biology, storage, transportation, and protected horticulture, but not on gardening and landscape architecture, will be considered for publication. Research papers featuring novel technologies and methodologies are welcome; however, the research results should be of significance to horticulture. Papers focusing on only basic plant science research without any direct contribution to horticulture are outside the scope of Hort. J.

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